Growing interest in naturism since first lockdown

Growing interest in naturism since first lockdown


A COUNTY Clare-based naturist says there has been a growing interest in naturism amongst Irish people since lockdown earlier this year

Michael has been living as a naturist in Clare for the last nine years. Originally from Australia, Michael suffered low body self-esteem growing up and has since come to accept himself in all forms. Now a member of the Irish Naturist Association (INA), Michael hopes to promote an important message of body positivity.

Growing interest in naturism since first lockdown
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Michael asserts that naturism as a practice is a real equaliser within the community and now, through a natural progression he “feels more comfortable naked than clothed.”

Speaking to The Clare Echo, Michael discusses how he came to embody the naturist lifestyle, what a typical day in the life looks like as well as offering some tips for first timers looking to dip their toes into naturism.

“Growing up in Australia, it’s a different culture altogether. Nudity around the house was more common. It wasn’t practiced specifically, but there was no worry in jumping out of the shower and going downstairs naked. I had very low self-esteem in school and very low body confidence. It wasn’t until I left school and started working in a hotel back in Perth, that I met a group that would go to a nude beach. It became a social event to head down to the beach together after work. I tagged along and really enjoyed it. At the time, I was living with my grandfather and it wasn’t until I moved out, that I became freer. It became more natural. It’s not about being naked 24/7 and getting home to strip off. It’s about being comfortable with yourself,” Michael expresses.

The transition towards naturism in Irish society for Michael came quite naturally. “My day looks pretty much like everyone else’s,” he explains. Heading to work and grocery shopping are all clothed activities. Michael enjoys being naked up until the moment he heads to work and then could strip off once he gets home again, depending on his mood. “During the summer, I would have my coffee out in the garden naked whilst reading the paper.” Michael references one instance in the summer, where he explained to an elderly couple in their 70s next door that they “may come across the wall next door and see me naked, reading a book” to which they warmly replied, “Whatever you do in your own garden is your business.”

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Source: Clare Echo

Original publication 7 December, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 24th December 2020

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