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‘Great British Skinny Dip’ nudists flock to beach to soak up heatwave sunshine


Nudists flocked to the UK’s beaches for a swim in the ‘Great British Skinny Dip’ as temperatures soared above 30C, leading the Met Office to issue its first extreme heat warning

Nudists flocked to the beach to cool off during the UK’s sweltering heatwave.

One group of nudists descended on Morfa Dyffryn naturist beach near the seaside town of Barmouth, north Wales, on Saturday [17 July, 2021].

They were one of at least six group skinny dipping events held across the UK as part of the ‘Great British Skinny Dip’.

It comes after the Met Office issued its first extreme heat warning as temperatures soared above 30C in recent days.

One nudist who stripped off for a swim at Morfa Dyffryn said: “There’s something so companionable about floating around naked in the water and chatting.

“The tide was out, and the shallow water was bathtub-warm in places and refreshingly icy in others.”

The group even bobbed around on an inflatable pink flamingo in the sea.

Andrew Welch, a spokesman for British Naturism, told The Mirror: “When the sun shines and the weather is hot, the majority of people, whatever their view of naturism, can see that clothes are just a burden.

“It’s only social convention and misguided suggestions of ‘modesty’ that makes people continue to get dressed.

“Anyone that has tried skinny-dipping knows that it’s the most wonderful exhilarating, life-enhancing experience and brilliant in the company of like-minded people. Try it – it might just change your life.”

Nudism has boomed during the pandemic after Brits ditched their clothes while working at home.

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Source: Mirror

Original publication 20 July, 2021

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