The man was apprehended by police on the field

Granada vs Man Utd streaker: Local nudist hid for 14 hours before interrupting Europa League clash


Police confirm Olmo Garcia snuck into the stadium at 7am before running onto the pitch during quarter-final first leg on Thursday night

ehind-closed-doors fixtures have robbed us of many of the idiosyncrasies of football: the roar at kick-off, the amusing chants, crying fans of relegated clubs and the odd beach ball.

It has also put paid to the rarer but no less certain to raise a smile in the stands occurrence of a streaker – or so we thought.

Garcia was escorted from the field of play without much of a struggle
Reuters Garcia was escorted from the field of play without much of a struggle | Reuters

The only hint of fans in attendance for Granada’s first ever European quarter-final on Thursday night seemed to be the banners in the stands – until the game was stopped in the sixth minute due to the presence of one 30 yards from goal in the Manchester United half.

A man sporting the sort of beard and haircut – or lack thereof – that has become a familiar sight on Zoom calls around the world burst into space wearing nothing, not even a mask.

He was eventually reprimanded by four police officers who were probably expecting a quiet night, but were also probably unsurprised by the appearance of this particular naked man – because this one has previous.

The man in question is Olmo Garcia, a nudist from Granada whose free, er, spirit has often got him into hot water with the authorities several times before.

In December last year, he climbed up to one of the niches of the 16th century Granada cathedral and just sat there, taking in the sun. He was eventually retrieved by the fire brigade, but was not arrested as the absence of any minors meant he was not committing any particular crime.

Garcia, a Granada native who studied chemistry before working for a company selling food for athletes, first began his naked sojourns five years ago, convinced of its “psychological benefits” and positive effect on the skin.

He gained a certain amount of notoriety in his pursuit of such boons when he completed the Camino de Santiago, a Christian pilgrimage ending in northern Spain, completely naked, walking the many hundreds of miles without even donning a pair of shoes.

On Friday, it was revealed by police that Garcia had snuck into the stadium 14 hours before kick-off, hiding under canvas before his big moment.

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Source: inews

Original publication 9 April, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 12th April 2021

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