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Good Morning Britain star Susanna Reid can’t control giggles during chat with nudist family


Susanna Reid absolutely lost it during a segment on Good Morning Britain, when she interviewed nudists about the perils of working without any clothes on.

Colin Wood, who runs a naturist campsite with wife Carol and daughter Angie, appeared on this morning’s episode to discuss the boom in not wearing clothes during lockdown.

During the interview, the family could be seen with hay bales covering their modesty as they spilled the beans on the ‘convenience’ of nudism.

‘It’s enjoyable, it’s convenient. Especially with camping, you’re not struggling to change clothes in a small tent,’ he told the hosts.

‘You can just walk about. When you go for a shower, you can go as a family… It’s convenient and people trust each other.

‘There’s just a trust there that doesn’t seem to be in other societies.’

However, things took a turn when Colin explained he usually wears clothes while he works – to protect him against the elements – with the host giggling through the chat.

Guest host Richard Madeley questioned whether he stays completely naked all day, to which he replied: ‘Occasionally I don’t get dressed all day but usually… you need clothes on…

‘Like when I’m messing about with these bales, I need clothes on or I should be scratched to hell. I usually put clothes on when I’m working, for protection.’

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Source: Metro

Original publication 7 June, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 11th June 2021

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