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Going naked: Europeans on going on a naturist holiday

Garden furniture website predicted that naturist holidays are going to be a travel trend that is set to take over 2020, with a whopping 543,000 average monthly searches made globally on Google.

FarawayFurniture surveyed 4,281 people to see what their views are and started by seeing what European country is most open to nudism. Germans are most open to going to a nudist beach (83%), followed by Spain (76%) and France (74%). On the other end of the scale and not so ready to bare it all are Brits (41%) and Turkey (35%).

Going naked: Europeans on going on a naturist holiday

Tanning evenly was the main reason 68% of participants were willing to bare all in the sun. Connecting with nature was next with 43%, followed by trying something new (39%). Helping the planet was another main reason 30% were willing to go on a nudist holiday.

The main reason people said they wouldn’t go on a nudist holiday is they are body conscious, women (72%) more so than men (63%). The second reason was they don’t want people to see their partner naked. 65% of men were worried about this compared to 46% of women. The other reason why people said they wouldn’t go on a naturist holiday is they think it’s not for them, (32%).

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Source: Travel Daily

Original publication 18 February, 2020

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