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Getting Naked on Murter Island, Croatia

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Getting Naked on Murter Island, Croatia

When people talk about going on a nakation in Croatia, the name Murter island rarely falls. It’s not even a real island. Murter is a small peninsula about 50 kilometres north of Split and famous for… well… about nothing. Yet we found out on the website of Cronatur that the place features 4 nude beaches, which was reason enough for us to go have a look around. What we found were idyllic villages, blue skies and even bluer seas and yes, quite some places to go nude.

Long story short, we visited all four of the beaches that are known for nudism and what we found was not exactly what we expected. None of the beaches had signs and if it wasn’t for the instructions from the internet we would probably never have known that they were there. But yet we saw lots of other nudists, which made us wonder… how did they know about these places? And then we started to get it. It’s a trick. On every textile beach on Murter island, when you face the beach, you just walk a path (there’s always a path) about 100 metres to the right and there you can go naked. Simple as that. Pretty cool eh?Nevertheless, we’ve visited the four “official” ones and of course we’re going to give you our opinion. Read full original article…

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30 July, 2017, 9:30 am

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