Public nudism is not uncommon in Germany

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German politician says ‘time is right’ for revival of nudist culture

A German politician has said “the time is right” for a revival of nudist culture across the country, blaming the West’s “slightly pornographic look” for its decline.

“In the East, men were accustomed to nudity,” Gregor Gysi, of the Left Party, said. “There’s nothing special about it. But if you never see it, it’s more unusual, and you get big eyes”.

Public nudism is not uncommon in Germany
Public nudism is not uncommon in Germany

The 69-year-old held a (fully clothed) election campaign event from a popular nudist beach in Berlin this week.

“We need more naturist offers again,” he told Bild magazine, which accompanied him to Müggelsee beach resort, where he sunbathed and spoke with local nudists. “The time is right to extend naturism now,” he said. Read full original article…

Source: The Telegraph

11 August, 2017, 10:10 am

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