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From beaches to birthday suits – how one man kept naturism thriving in South Yorkshire

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Naturism is far more popular in South Yorkshire than you may realise!

For many people, socialising involves heading to the pub or coming together for a dinner party – things that would be unlikely to turn heads.

But for John Oliver and some 180 regular members of South Yorkshire Naturists, the word ‘socialising’ takes on a very different form.

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John, 60, has been running South Yorkshire Naturists since 2014.

He took over from an older couple who’d been organising naturist activities in South Yorkshire for over 40 years.

And he tells me that, since around 2015, they’ve had more than 300 people attending events; with a dedicated cohort of around 180 ‘regulars’.

“It’s a buoyant industry and the people are out there,” John tells me, even though we may not necessarily know about them.

John’s first foray into taking his clothes off socially came in 1983, when he was holidaying in the South of France with friends.

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Source: YorkshireLive

Original publication 14 March, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 13th April 2020

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