Founder Gregers Moller with membership manager Woraporn and wife Disraporn at the Thai Tiew Thai booth encouraging more Thais to try a naturist vacation

Free help with Special Tourist Visa to Thailand – for naturists

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Naturists or nudists who are dreaming to spend 2 -3 months in Thailand during the winter can ask for help from Naturist Association Thailand to apply for the new Special Tourist Visa and find an affordable quarantine stay for the first two weeks. Currently, some hotels offer affordable prices from 30.000 baht to 50.000 baht on quarantine deals that include meals three times per day.

None of these hotels offer naturist facilities but after the first two weeks here the members are free to go and stay at their favorite naturist resort or go on a round-trip between them.

Naturist Association Thailand, which was established in 2007 by Danish long time resident of Thailand, Gregers Moller, will not charge anything for this service but will offer it for free to members only.

The new visa type was presented and approved during the cabinet meeting of the Thai government on Tuesday 15 September 2020. When the details have been finalized, it will be announced when it will come into effect.

The duration of the stay is 3 months on a single visa and it can be renewed two times for an additional 3 months. The visa is ideal for naturists who wish to escape the approaching cold winter months in Europe, the US or China.

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Source: Scandasia

Original publication 16 September, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 1st October 2020

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