Michael Warren, a former mayor of Pitcairn

Former mayor facing indecency charges floats nudist bylaw for Pitcairn Islands


The lawyer for a former Pitcairn Islands mayor, who is accused of walking around one of the islands nude, has floated an idea of a nudist bylaw for the tiny island where he lives.

Michael Calvert Warren appeared at the Pitcairn Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday where he faces three charges of public indecency.

Warren has denied all three charges and is due to face trial in September.

Pitcairn Island's town hall.
IAIN MCGREGOR/STUFF The site of the hearing: Pitcairn Island’s town hall. / IAIN MCGREGOR/STUFF

His lawyer, Tony Ellis, told the court Warren wanted to explore the possibility of reconciliation, as allowed under Pitcairn law.

Ellis told the court that could include the island considering a new bylaw.

“There could be a bylaw that you can walk naked between 5 and 7 in the morning between this place and this place.”

He pointed to the case of Stephen Gough, known as the Naked Rambler in the United Kingdom, who argued it was his right to walk in the UK naked and took his case all the way to the European Court of Human Rights, where he lost in 2014.

At his sentencing in 2015, Lady Jane Miller suggested Gough should be found a place in a nudist colony to prevent his repeated convictions and jail sentences for public nudity.

Ellis pointed out that an audio-visual link with Auckland was allowing the attorney-general of Pitcairn, Simon Mount, QC, to attend the hearing, as was prosecutor Kieran Raftery, QC, and the media.

“We’re making it into a capital case. Let’s do what the ordinance provides. I invite reconciliation.”

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Original publication 6 July, 2021

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