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Florida nudists: What to cook when clothing is off the menu

Florida nudists: What to cook when clothing is off the menu

For many nudists, providing a good, injury-proof meal is key to enjoying quality time around the dinner table.

When preparing dinner for your family, chances are there are a few things you consider. Cooking times, seasonings and dinner sides — to name a few. One thing you’re probably not thinking about: how to make sure you don’t burn your naked body while cheffing it up in the kitchen.

Such are the risks of being a nudist. Those who subscribe to a nudist lifestyle, not getting seriously injured by hot bubbling liquid while cooking is priority number one.

“Last year, we did a press release on the nudist’s favorite kitchen appliance and it got so much press,” says Jeffrey Baldasarre, a spokesperson for American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). “It was a slow cooker and the reason why that’s good is because it doesn’t splash anything and it doesn’t burn anything.”

AANR has been around for more than 88 years and has family-friendly beaches, clubhouses, resorts and hotels in states like Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. There are also global outlets in Canada, Mexico and Europe.

The organization was formed in 1931 and has touted and defended “the benefits of wholesome nude family recreation” since then.

For most “textiles,” which is the word used to denote those who prefer to walk around clothed versus nudists, the idea of dining au natural might seem unappealing.. And while dining and cooking in the nude may not be for you, there are some favorite cooking techniques and recipes among nudists that work in every kitchen.

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Source: Herald Tribune

Original publication 17 October 2019

Posted on NatCorn 25th October 2019

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