First time in mixed nudist & textile camp

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I was never before in a mixed nudist and textile camp. Until now. I would always choose an only nudist camp, but this time, this mixed camp Kosirina on Murter in Croatia was on the way so the decision was made: it is time for the first experience of a mixed camp.

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I wondered how different it is from a regular only nudist camp? Will there be separated areas for nudist and textiles? Or will we be altogether? Will there be more nudists or textiles? Will the textiles react to nudity? How will I feel naked around people in bathing suites if that will be the scenario?

First, when we arrived at the camp and go to the reception I asked if there is an area dedicated only to nudists. The receptionist said that here we are all mixed together and can be naked anywhere except in the bars and reception. Ok, that works for me. So now was the time to find a perfect place. If you ever went camping than you know how important and how hard is to find a perfect place. The perfect place is the one that is big enough, that is in the shade, in the first row to the sea, close to the toilets and close to the power connection. After some searching here it was, the perfect spot!

While searching I have already noticed that nudists in this camp are not the majority. In fact, as I learned later, besides me, there were only several nudist couples.

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Source: Naturism Girl

Original publication 19/07/2019

Posted on NatCorn 21st July 2019

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