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Fifty years of getting naked on Cornwall’s first official nudist beach


Comedian Freddie Starr declared the popular dogging spot open in 1971

1971 – a year when you could catch a mini steam train across the sand and watch the country’s most popular comedian declare a Cornish nudist beach open.

That naturist beach – Cornwall’s first official nudist spot – celebrates 50 years of allowing sun-worshippers to let it all out.

In a sign of the times though, the number of people going starkers on Polgaver Beach, near St Austell, has drooped in recent years due to the long-mooted redevelopment of the Carlyon Beach area.

A family enjoys the freedom of Polgaver beach
Credit Uncertain A family enjoys the freedom of Polgaver beach fifty years ago

However – in another sign of the times – it has allegedly become a popular dogging spot for people who like to do more than sunbathe when they take off their clothes.

There are three beaches which make up Carlyon Bay – Crinnis, Shorthorn and Polgaver – which were formed as a result of mineral waste being washed down to the coast from the mining industry operations in the St Austell area.

With naturism being particularly in vogue in the early 1970s, Cornwall Tourist Board allowed Polgaver to become the Duchy’s first official nudist spot, Polgaver Naturist Bay.

Its opening can be seen in a remarkable film, which is available on the BFI Player and was shared this week by Saucy Seventy Adventures on Twitter (you’ll all be following it now).

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Source: CornwallLive

Original publication 24 July, 2021

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