Female Twitch streamer mass-reported and banned after visiting a fictional GTA nudist camp


Streamer EagleAye, a member of the Grand Theft Auto role-playing community, has been banned on Twitch for in-game nudity.

Role-playing is a big deal in GTA, with players using specific modded servers to act out as characters in fantasy scenarios.

And while in-game nudity isn’t forbidden by Twitch, it is if the game is modified to use assets not in the original game.

GTA RP is considered modded because it uses FiveM (a multiplayer mod framework) as a base, but only with original assets, so the lines of in-game nudity are blurred.

For EagleAye, she role-plays as a character called Eve Summers who works at Rooster’s Ranch – a fictional cannabis farm on the popular NoPixel server.

Near the ranch is a nudist camp that Summers visits regularly as part of her work.

EagleAye has never had problems before and has been role-playing in this way for a while.

What’s changed is that she appears to have been mass-targeted by fans of another streamer, xQc, according to fans on Reddit.

xQc is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, mainly playing Overwatch, and has recently had some controversial opinions about women hot tub streamers.

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Source: PinkNews

Original publication 28 May, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 1st June 2021

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