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Felix Carroll: Standing very still and loving it — a day in the life of a nude art model

Standing steady as stone, like a Renaissance statue with movable lips, Paul Cronin hears artist Joan Rooks behind him blowing her nose. He cannot help but to offer some friendly advice.

“At the first sign of a cold, have vitamin C and Echinacea on standby, and hammer it with everything you’ve got,” he says, still holding his pose. “And make sure you cover your head. That’s the simplest, low-tech method to bypass or minimize a cold.”

So says the naked guy in the drafty, old art school.

Paul Cronin poses for an IS 183 art class in Stockbridge.
Paul Cronin poses for an IS 183 art class in Stockbridge. FELIX CARROLL - THE BERKSHIRE EAGLE

Because someone has to do it and because a man needs to make a living, Cronin has been disrobing in the name of fine art since the 1970s. Go ahead and multiply roughly 32 hours a week by four-plus decades by thousands of artists. Cronin has. He estimates there have been some quarter million renderings of his lean nakedness.

He owns a few of them, gifts from the artists. He keeps them rolled up in a closet under his stairwell. One, drawn years ago by the now famous Jerome Witkin, is probably worth something.

It’s 6 p.m. on Monday, and Cronin has spent the afternoon naked at a Williams College drawing class. Now he’s here in the drawing room at IS 183 Art School for three hours of posing on a platform beside a space heater at the weekly open studio.

His clothes hang upon an easel. His shoes are set tidily together in a corner with his socks draped loosely across them. Cronin has taken his position in the center of the room doing what he’s become famous for in art circles within an hour radius of Albany: He is keeping perfectly still. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Berkshire Eagle

Original publication DEC. 7, 2017

12th December 2017

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