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Fancy A Naked Holiday? Nude Vacations Are Growing In Popularity In 2020

Get ready for the new vacation buzzword. Nakation. With more travelers taking international trips than ever before, we as consumers are also, at times, smothered with more options, loyalty programs and indeed niche buzzwords. From staycations to couples only retreats, many companies are trying to capture niche parts of the travel market.

One aspect of vacations that have long been considered incredibly niche, and even taboo to many, have been nude holidays. Roll on 2020 and clothing-optional holidays could be bigger than ever.

Saverio Marfia/Getty Images) People on Lido Marini beach, in Puglia, Italy. Puglia is the southern region of Italy that forms the heel of Italy’s “boot,” – Many of Europe’s beaches have long accepted nude bathers

Bad news for bikini and swimwear outlets!

With the liberating feeling of skinny-dipping laying the foundations of breaking taboo combined with the urge for off the beaten path experiences, it seems that a growing number of people are happy to try a nakation. 

Add to this an increased focus on sustainability, and fast fashion being a large contributor to carbon emissions, the liberated nude vacationer could even potentially argue that they’re saving the planet by stripping off on holiday.

Nude vacations are aiming to be tasteful and are about connecting with nature, whether that’s through naked hikes, cruises or even yoga.

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Source: Forbes

Original publication 16 January, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 11th February 2020

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