Famous Naked Comedy DISROBED

Famous Naked Comedy DISROBED Returns to Hollywood

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Billed as “the ultimate Southern California experience”, the irreverent stage comedy “Disrobed: Why So Clothes-Minded?” has returned to Los Angeles for an ongoing residency at the Studio C Theatre in Hollywood. The play is notorious for featuring an entirely naked cast AND for requiring audiences to be au naturel as well. While enjoying live theatre in the nude may not be on everyone’s bucket list, the show managed to sell out its inaugural Hollywood Fringe run this past June, racking up rave reviews and winning the Producers Encore! Award along with a nomination for “Best Immersive Show.” Curious attendees found this unique theatrical event to be surprisingly empowering. In a Marshall McLuhan “The medium is the message” mode, participants reported that confronting their own preconceptions to attend the play was akin to walking on hot coals or broken glass, inspiring personal soul-searching, and leaving one woman “feeling extremely brave and that I could conquer the world.”

Famous Naked Comedy DISROBED

Written by LA theatre veteran Steven Vlasak, “Disrobed” is based on and inspired by the 1931 naturist classic “Barely Proper” by Tom Cushing. A revised version called “Grin and Bare It” landed on Broadway in 1970 in the “Hair” and “Oh! Calcutta!” era. Steven’s updated version is also a sort of “Meet the Parents” with a twist; a bashful buttoned-up groom-to-be arrives to meet his fiancé’s family, only to discover they’re all naturists (nudists)!

Produced and directed by Brian Knudson, an activist behind the “Love The Body Positive” movement, and presented by Theatre Asylum and the Southern California Naturist Association, this provocative six-actor play humorously challenges accepted notions of body image, modesty and personal acceptance while delivering a zippy and hilarious story. The whole thing takes place over an impending lunch, with plenty to chew on and food for thought.

Evening performances are scheduled the first Saturday of every month at 11pm. Audiences are invited to linger afterwards to reflect on their experience at a naked afterparty with the cast, while enjoying complimentary wine and snacks.

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Source: Broadway World

Original publication 3 December 2019

Posted on NatCorn 6th January 2020

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