Family nudism and confinement

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Confinement has affected us all, both nudists and non-nudists.

In our case it is normal that when the temperatures allow it, we are naked at home, that is, we practice family nudism.

Although we love practicing nudism in nature, we practice it at home whenever we can, since it is not a matter of “now I am doing nudism”, it is a lifestyle.

Family nudism and confinement

Our routine in confinement is as follows:

We are lucky to be able to work from home and that is why we spend the morning with our work, most of the time dressed, because it is cold early in the morning and because we make several video conferences with coworkers and clients.

Lunchtime arrives and we can take off our “work clothes” and wear our birthday suit if the temperature allows it.

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Source: Nude Hiking/naked hiking

Original publication 9 April, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 29th June 2020

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