Young people participating in naturism

Facts that deter young people from participating in naturism


Naturists – who tend to be mostly middle-aged or older – often wonder and ask (see the link, below) “Why aren’t there more young naturists?” Although there are a number of reasons, to be noted here, there’s one fundamental reason: economics.

It’s pretty simple. Many people in their 50s or older can afford things that facilitate naturist activities, such as travel, naturist resort fees, recreational vehicles, etc. They’re also more likely to live in private homes instead of apartment complexes, and so have more privacy for enjoying nudity.

Compared to younger people, these folks have children who’ve mostly left home and are on their own. Older people have had time to accumulate savings. They may have already inherited resources from their own parents. And they’re not burdened with paying off large student loans.

On top of all that, financial inequality has been steadily increasing in the past 40 years. Things were different when the older generation was the same age as people now in their 20s and 30s. They mostly didn’t have large student debts, housing costs and cars were much less expensive, and it wasn’t as necessary for both parents in a young family to work in order to support their family. So they had more discretionary income – and leisure time – in order to get involved in naturism at a younger age.

Keep all that in mind when you’re wondering why more young people today aren’t into naturism.

There are still many non-economic reasons why young people don’t get involved in naturism. They’re important, and sometimes easier to deal with. For example, as always, there are cultural prejudices against social nudity. (Although such prejudices are more impactful because of the economic factors – e. g. concerns about job security.) There are also various factors within naturism itself that make it harder for young people to participate. A number of these are listed below, but certainly there are others.

Most of these factors are difficult to eliminate completely, because they reflect characteristics (like economics) of the world we live in. Nevertheless, people who want naturism to become more popular – especially among young people – need to consider these factors. That’s the only way to deal with the problems that make it harder for young people to be naturists.

Young people who’ve been fortunate enough to be raised in a naturist family have a good chance of continuing to be involved in naturism. But such people are rather few, so it’s important for naturism to have people become involved in naturism as soon as possible once they’re on their own. People who become involved in their twenties may double the number of active naturists compared to what the number would be if most became involved in their mid-forties (or later). Why? Because they’ll spend perhaps twice as many years of their lives as naturists, compared to people who begin 25 years later.

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Source: Naturistplace Blog

Original publication 30 January, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 16th February 2021

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