Facebook and nipples

How does Facebook identify the images of women’s nipples to restrict them?

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This week you have asked us on Facebook and how it identifies the photos in which nipples of women (or men) appear. Stay, it will interest you.

Facebook and women’s nipples?

And how do you distinguish a woman’s nipple from a man’s? Well there is no direct answer to these questions , but we tell you what we know.

For starters, we asked Facebook what it can tell us about its decision to restrict “some images of female breasts that include the nipple,” according to the “Nude and Adult Sexual Activity” policy they have published. In it, the company affirms that they limit “the exhibition of nudes or sexual activity to protect certain people in our community who show a special sensitivity to this type of content.”

Facebook and nipples
Facebook and nipples

The company has not contributed anything additional to what it already states in its community regulations, so they do not defend what they are based on to consider that a female nipple can “be sensitive” to their community and a male nipple cannot.

Facebook's "Nudity and Sexual Activity" Policy.
Facebook’s “Nudity and Sexual Activity” Policy.

In that document they say that they do allow the publication of naked female breasts in cases of lactation, acts of protest and photos of scars from mastectomies (in addition to paintings, sculptures or works of art). There have already been complaints from artists who tested whether such images would survive the moderation of the platform, also on Instagram , and it was not.

 “It is much easier to create an artificial intelligence system to detect a nipple than it is to distinguish what hate speech is .”

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook President

For the company there is a distinction between the male and female nipples, which one of its executives justified for “security reasons”: “It is very difficult for us to determine the age of a person in a photo of a nude. It is also difficult to determine if it is consensual , so although it is clear that the person has consented to the photo being taken, it is very difficult to know if the person consented to the sharing, “says Miranda Brickbert , director of public policy management for Facebook, Business Insider account . So far this is a more “moral” debate than a technical one.

As for how they detect women’s nipples when removing an image or video, Facebook refers to the action of its artificial intelligence systems to moderate the content that is published , as well as to complaints from people. According to its rules, women’s nipples can be denounced for being included in their nude policy if they do not appear in a context of protest, lactation, etc.

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Original publication 23 June, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 16th July 2020

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