Expanding the appeal of Naturism – Collaborations with other civil society groups.


Address to the Global Naturist Forum in Sook-hwa Noh

Human rights.

In Spain we have approached this work in different ways. The first and most important was the creation of the International Foundation for Human Rights . The FEN maintains an agreement of mutual recognition and collaboration with the Foundation. All minorities mentioned for the purpose of this conference session, and a few more, are represented on the Foundation. 11 people make up the Board of Trustees. 3 of them, naturists: the founder, the president of the FENIsmael Rodrigo ) and myself ( @NohSookHwa ), and one more, in the Advisory Council.

The International Human Rights Foundation is the NGO with the most followers on Twitter in Spain, with nearly 700,000 followers. In second place is Greenpeace Spain, with 619,100; followed by Doctors without Borders, with 430,700; in the fourth, Friends of the Earth, with 310,800 and in the fifth, UNICEF Spain, with 282,100. In other words, the IHRF has almost three times as many followers as UNICEF Spain.

In 2012, the International Foundation for Human Rights awarded British naked hiker Stephen Gough in the civil liberty category and declared him a prisoner of conscience. We owe to Stephen the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights on October 28, 2014 , in Strasbourg, in the case Gough v. United Kingdom, Application number 49327/11, in which the following was declared:

 “The plaintiff has chosen to be naked in public to express his opinion on the harmless nature of the human body. Therefore, the Court is satisfied that the plaintiff’s public nudity can be seen as a form of expression that falls within the scope of Article 10 of the Convention, and that his arrest, prosecution, conviction and detention constituted repressive measures taken in response to this form of expression of their opinions by the applicant. Therefore, there has been interference in the exercise of their right to freedom of expression ”.

“An interference with the right to freedom of expression can only be justified under article 10 § 2 if so prescribed by law.” A Law approved in the National Parliament, not a simple ordinance, as the Supreme Court of Spain ruled on February 14, 2013: “ All the exercise of the fundamental right is reserved to the Law, so it cannot be directly regulated by a municipal ordinance ”.

Training courses.

The Foundation organizes a course on Human Rights with the Complutense University of Madrid endowed with 6 credits. This course includes a two-hour class on the right to nudity. The class is taught by the president of the FEN, Ismael Rodrigo. In addition to participating in the training of future lawyers, the foundation plans to organize training courses on human rights for the security forces, both national and local. The Foundation is now on the verge of achieving UN international observer status.

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Source: Spanish Federation of Naturism

Original publication 20 November, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 30th November 2020

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