2021 Nude Cruise

Exmouth diner’s surprise as boat filled with nudists sails by


It was getting quite nippy in the estuary – in more ways than one

A man has revealed his stark shock when a meal at a restaurant on the Exe Estuary was interrupted by a boat full of naked people.

John Wood, of Seawood Yachts, was enjoying a meal with his wife at the River Exe Cafe which is moored on the Exe Estuary when the cruise ship, operated by the naturist Torbay Sun Club passed by, showing its passengers in all their glory.

The cruise, which was operating its annual ‘Nude Cruise’ whereby passengers embark from Exmouth Dock with little other than their ‘personal luggage’ while being encouraged to meet with existing friends and make new ones, was cruising around the area.

While for some, it’s an annual event, for those nearby like John who were caught out cold, it was the rising wind that led to fears that the water-based naked attraction would lead to nippy conditions for those in the nip.

Revealing that the reaction of those at the restaurant was mostly of amusement, there was some concern for those on board.

He told Devon Live: “My wife and I were having a lovely Anniversary dinner at the River Exe cafe when we caught sight of a boat full of naked people travelling slowly. Reaction in the restaurant was mostly of amusement, and concern for their health as the wind was getting up.”

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Source: DevonLive

Original publication 24 July, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 16th August 2021

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