Excessive modesty is dangerous

Excessive modesty is dangerous: this is how it could affect you

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Modesty is understood differently by each person, but if it is excessive it can be lethal

The modesty has its antagonists clear in the exhibitionism , the strippers dancers walk “natural” beaches and places where it is permitted to do so or acts as urinating in a public place. For many people, these and many other behaviors are seen as ” impudent ” and, even in more than one social group, they are explicitly condemnable or considered to “violate morality”. However, on the other side there are many who defend these actions because they see them as part of a manifestation of the freedom to express themselves as one wants, as long as they are within the law and do not attack the rest.

Think about how you link to your sexuality
Think about how you link to your sexuality ! © Photographer is my life.

Psychology assumes that ” modesty is important because it means the brake on behaviors that can get out of control and affect the conglomerate”, but it also warns that excessive modesty hurts. The modesty is dangerous when it becomes a prude and a perfectionist attitude that promotes chastity and hypocritical understands everything about sex is negative. In reality, we all feel some shame in the face of unknown situations or someone who intimidates us for some reason, but we do not feel discomfort, fear, insecurity, ineptitude, clumsiness and uncertainty, but it is a problem when there are even problems when masturbating.

According to The New Scientist, harmful modesty is manifested in those who assume that their image is affected in the social interaction that originates in the face of something unexpected and, in general, when we do not know how to act safely before other people. To an excessive degree, that limits the functionality of the human being. “I am a dancer and, many times, costume changes are made behind the scenes where we are men and women together. In addition, it is time to go on stage with costumes that mark a lot the forms and not always with the relief of the tutu. Imagine if she were super modest! After all, we are born naked , so why cover up so much? ”Says Zayra (we omitted her last name), from a ballet company in Miami.

On the other side of the spectrum, Román Huidobro, a Philology student, is used to covering his body in front of everyone. “I would never go to a nude beach , I would be posting photos of myself showing off muscles or anything like that. That narcissism makes me sick. Even in the locker room, when I go to the gym or to soccer, which I practice, I also don’t feel like walking barefoot when I go out of the showers to the locker room. This does not go with me. That’s how they raised me and that’s how I’m going to educate my children when I have them ”. There are some who don’t think about making sex more interesting.

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Source: GQ

Original publication 7 November, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 17th November 2020

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