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‘Everyone was naked’: Tourist recounts hilarious unintentional visit to Kentish Town nudist spa


The spa is known for its steamy saunas, massage rooms and infamous couples nights

A tourist has revealed details of hair-raising day in a North London spa that she was unaware was a naturist spot.

Most people in Kentish Town are familiar with Rio’s reputation, with the gym proudly marketing itself as ‘London’s leading naturist health spa’.

Rio's, Kentish Town
Google Maps Everyone in Kentish Town has heard of Rio’s / Google Maps

Located on Kentish Town Road, the spa is known for its steamy saunas, massage rooms and infamous couples nights and operates a strict over-21 policy on all gym goers.

On their website, Rio’s gives a flavour of what people can expect when they arrive.

It reads: “Rio’s is a club with good vibes during the day, its calm and relaxing and a good time for first timers who maybe a little nervous entering a ‘liberated lifestyle’ for the first time.”

But it seems our intrepid blogger was unaware of the spa’s unusual ambience and learnt the hard way what the definition of naturist is.

Her review, titled ‘I Ended Up In a Sex Sauna in London! By Accident’, begins with the woman laying down precisely why she feels a naturists life isn’t for her.

She writes: “I’m the most reserved person you could ever meet. The only time I dared go topless on a beach was at age 17.

“Given the premises, how in hell I ended up in a nudist-sex- Sauna?The short answer is: because I’m totally, utterly naïve!

“Bored as hell, I decided to join a friend at a sauna birthday party.

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Source: MyLondon

Original publication 15 August, 2021

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