Everyday Is Working Naked Day

Everyday Is Working Naked Day


February 5th, 2021 was the official working naked day of 2021. Well, this day, the first Friday of February was declared Working Naked Day some years back by Lisa Kanarek, a home office expert, at a time when working from home was not so common. She created a website named Working Naked (now renamed Home Office Life). Its aim was to help people shifting from corporate life to self-employment, in other words, working from home. Hence, working naked was a metaphor to freedom from the corporate office.

However, as naturists know, you can really work naked, entirely naked I mean, wearing no clothes at all, like, I am, for example, while writing this post. And because Lisa declared the first Friday of February the official working naked day, naturists and non naturists all over the world, celebrate it by working entirely naked, be it from home or from the office if this is made possible.

If it’s a great initiative to celebrate freedom from the rat race and of the body, every day can be naked working day! I’m often working from home, have been doing so for over ten years now, and am always naked. I’ve refined my working-from-home practice and here are some tips and tricks to be really productive while working from home, naked.

Make your space comfortable

First thing first, you need to be comfortable to be productive. I have two working spaces while working from home: my desk and a couch. My desk is equipped will all the necessary IT equipment to get focused, with a very comfortable office chair. I work there when I need to write, create, answer email or carry conference calls for instance. My couch is were I sit when I need to read or think.

My desk space is well equipped with external keyboard, extra screens and enough space to put all my papers and books. It has also an external webcam and a sound bar for conference calls when I do not want to wear a headset (more on this later…). It is well lit (from my left, as I am right handed), and has all the necessary stationary. Last but not least, I always stock enough coffee, water and snacks to make my day enjoyable.

When spring comes and if temperature is comfortable, I happen to also work outside in the shade. This is one of the benefits of living in a quiet place where I can stay naked outside and wander in my garden in the nude. The most important aspect of all is to really be comfortable and ready to have a focused and productive day.

Towel, shirt and cover-up

As a naturist, hygiene is top of mind when it comes to sitting. I always sit on a towel or, preferably a sarong, that I also use as cover-up in case I need to meet somebody at the door who will not appreciate my nudity. My towel follows me when I go to my couch, if I make a break in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house, or go outside.

Now, I have also a handy small cover-up that I grab when going for a walk outside of the garden. I have the luxury of living in the countryside and can go outside of my garden with direct access to walking tracks. Therefore, I do not need to dress, I just go out naked as I was during my work day. I keep a cover-up in case I meet somebody, as some of the fellows in my region are not always nudist-friendly and I prefer to stay out of trouble. It has however been a good opportunity to talk about nudism with strangers and in most cases received a friendly feedback.

Conference calls are the only time I wear a t-shirt or a shirt, as I’m respectful of the people I’m talking to, if they are not naturists. Of course, no standing up during a conference call as my bottom is naked. I keep a buttoned shirt next to my desk that I can put on quickly before a call and take off as quickly when the call’s over. Now, it has happened more time that I can count that I stay entirely naked with people who know that I’m a naturist and are not offended by my bare chest. As usual with nudism, apply judgement and be yourself.

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Source: Nude & Happy

Original publication 10 February, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 20th February 2021

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