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During the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) and government regulation, events, correctly, cannot be held.

Many events have been announced as “cancelled until further notice” or “postponed”, for convenience we are only displaying cancellations until the end of May but this will be updated as the emergency progresses.

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26 August, 2020

Category: WalkAll Day: Naturist Walk - Ackling Dyke - Salisbury

All Day: Naturist Walk - Ackling Dyke - Salisbury
27 August, 2020 28 August, 2020 29 August, 2020 30 August, 2020
31 August, 2020 1 September, 2020

These are just some of the events of naturist interest being held in Cornwall and around. If you are aware of any events for inclusion in this calendar please email full details using the Write to us page on this site.

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