Eroticism and nudism, two worlds that have nothing to do

Eroticism and nudism, two worlds that have nothing to do

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We live in a society in which we relate the fact of being naked with sex . In our daily life, we only strip to clean ourselves, change clothes or relieve ourselves, and any other nude outside of that context is associated with a clear intention to have sex.

However, those who practice nudism assiduously maintain that being naked has nothing to do with eroticism or sexuality , but rather with feeling free to put an end to prejudice and to be shameless before life. Those who practice nudism see it as a lifestyle and when they get used to losing the modesty of their nudity they end up seeing it as something so natural that they do not even realize the fact of not having clothes.

Eroticism and nudism

Prostitutes and nudism, this is how sex workers live their nudity

It could be understood that for someone used to having sex with strangers, undressing is something completely natural . However, this does not seem to be the case at all times. The Chilean magazine Vida Magazine that specializes in articles on society and lifestyle has conducted an interview with a prostitute from La Serena whose name has been kept anonymous.

The magazine was interested in knowing if nudity and eroticism were two things that were closely related or not and that is why they went to ask one of the escorts in La Serena that every day they undress before strangers and then have sex with them.

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Posted on NatCorn 17th August 2020

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