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Erections And Social Nudity…What’S The Go?

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Erections And Social Nudity…What’S The Go?

‘I’m worried I might get an erection…’ As a naked yoga instructor and someone who speaks publicly about normalising non-sexual nudity and a nudist-friendly lifestyle…this is one of the most common concerns males express to me when it comes to considering social nudity. Generally speaking, erections is a topic that I feel is not touched on anywhere near enough…even within the nudist community. It is a topic that I feel deserves a whole lot more understanding and a lot less shame…especially when it comes to social nudity. A topic that I feel is just as important for us women to understand as it is for men. From the physiology of erections all the way through to erection etiquette, I am here today to open up the discussion and speak candidly on a topic that has been a long time coming and is in dire need of clarification and resolution.

Whilst many males express their keen interest to participate in non-sexual social nudity and embody a more body positive and nudist-friendly lifestyle, unfortunately fear of getting an erection is also one of the biggest deterrents that hinders many males from actually getting involved in the first place.

To be honest, when it comes to social nudity, it (erection) doesn’t happen anywhere near as much as you might think as an outsider looking in. Some males I have spoken to have expressed that whilst, yes, this was an initial concern for them, once they stripped down and settled in, they discovered that it wasn’t an issue. When it comes to social nudity…experiencing an erection is something that may or may not happen…and, if it does happen to you, the most important thing is the way in which you approach and handle the situation.

To clarify with absolute resolution…an erection, in and of itself, is not something that needs to be shamed, feared and judged…yes, even when it comes to non-sexual social nudity.

There is so much misperception, misunderstanding and stigma around erections. All this stigma and taboo comes down to a lack of awareness, conversation and education on the topic. With little to no conversation on the subject, we’re left with presumptuous judgements that have us confused and disillusioned about the topic.

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Source: The Nude Blogger

Original publication 19 December, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 19th January 2020

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