Emmets: we ask if the Cornish word for tourists is racist

​It’s that time of the year when tourists start flooding into Cornwall; that time of the year when you start hearing a certain word emanating from Cornish mouths.


The word, of course, is used by Cornish people to refer to the non-Cornish, specifically holidaymakers but also second homeowners and “incomers”.

Should the Cornish still call holidaymakers emmets?

For decades, if not centuries, Cornish folk have used the word often in an affectionate way, but there appears to be a growing feeling that the term is derogatory, divisive and even racist.

I asked people what they thought – from the head of Cornwall’s tourism board to patriotic Cornish residents and those who could be classed as emmets. Read full original article…

Source: CornwallLive

28 July, 2017, 5:45 pm

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