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Eight simple rules for being a woman and wearing clothes in public

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In the same week that a woman was told her bikini was “inappropriate” to wear at an Auckland pool, Alex Casey provides some much-needed reminders for women wearing clothes everywhere. 

Women, you probably already know this but… you’re wrong. Your clothes are wrong, your togs are wrong, whatever you are wearing on your head is wrong, your shoes are wrong, your face is wrong, your hair is wrong, your skin is wrong, your body – it goes without saying – is wrong. And if you think that you can waltz on in to any old place wearing any old thing in 2019, well then I’ve got some bad news: your bloody brain is wrong too.

Eight simple rules for being a woman and wearing clothes in public

It seems that many of us have forgotten the cardinal rules of being a woman and wearing clothes in public. Just this weekend, a swimmer at the Albany Olympic Pools was told by staff that her bikini, bought from noted strumpet supermarket Glassons, was inappropriate and making patrons uncomfortable. I hate to be Captain Obvious but the clue is in the name. Glassons. GlASSons. There’s a bare ass staring us straight in the face. Completely unacceptable.

If you need a reminder of how to dress appropriately in public please allow me, a chaste woman who only shops at Shanton because I SHANT show any skin, to remind you of the key rules.

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Source: The Spinoff

Original publication 3 January, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 3rd February 2020

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  1. I hadn’t realised that New Zealand was still so backward in its morality when it comes to women. Here in the UK we still battle against so called Victorian values, but there are signs that they are diminishing. How can the NZ system still impose morals regarding dress codes and the like upon women like those outlined in this article. Shameful.

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