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Eastbourne naturist group in need of place to swim


A naturist group in Eastbourne said ‘the club’s days may be numbered’ if it can’t find somewhere to swim.

East Sussex Naturists, formerly known as Eastbourne Naturist Swim Club, was set up in the 1980s and has swam at Motcombe Pool for three decades, but the future of that pool is uncertain.

The group of 46 has been swimming at Hailsham Leisure Centre recently, but now it has been told there is no room for them to book a slot any more.

In an email back from the leisure centre, the group was told, “Unfortunately we are looking to expand our swim school in September and we will be using the Sunday evening slots for this.

“We therefore will not be able to accommodate your group going forward.”

The swimming group usually returns to a weekly swim in September following the summer break, but right now it has nowhere to go.

Philip Baker, from the group, said, “We have contacted many places in and around Eastbourne without success earlier in the year.

“Our club has mainly older people, largely from Eastbourne and nearby, who use the swim as a social meeting place.

“Naturism has increased in popularity nationally in recent times and particularly over the lockdown period.”

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Source: Eastbourne Herald

Original publication 3 August, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 5th August 2021

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