East Lansing City Council Votes To “Free The Nipple”
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East Lansing City Council Votes To “Free The Nipple”


The age-old debate over women being able to legally walk around topless has been settled…at least in East Lansing!

Really, when it comes down to it, women’s nipples are the only nipples that serve any kind of purpose in society. Men get to walk around and show off their pointless pepperonis while for women it has become criminalized.

This especially raises debate everywhere, as seen with the “Free The Nipple” movement and similar points being raised when it comes to mothers being able to breastfeed in public.

Well, according to Lansing City Pulse, that is no longer up for debate in East Lansing as the city council voted 5-0 recently to amend city ordinances that deal with “disorderly conduct.”

Lansing City Pulse reports that in the past, “disorderly conduct” included “willful public exposure of ‘buttocks or genitalia’ — as well as the female breast” however, now, the boobies are being set free!

“In East Lansing, you’re not going to be arrested or charged over doing something that a man can do but a woman cannot do,” Mayor Aaron Stephens said.

Councilwoman Jessy Gregg reflected the idea that criminalizing toplessness isn’t fair when she said: “There’s a huge double standard in regards to men’s and women’s bodies. Some people might not be ready for that and consider it inappropriate, but we’re headed this way as a society in realizing that we can’t enforce a law that only affects women.”

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Source: WMMQ

Posted on NatCorn 22nd December 2020

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