A Dutch naturist with a slogan "Do not expose anything to it" and a ladybird painted on their back

“Dutch people want to be naked in the sauna”

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Amersfoort: Every year, around 1.8 million Dutch people go to the sauna. Despite the fact that people have been entering the sauna naked for hundreds of years, more and more wellness complexes offer a swimwear day in the Netherlands.

Does this mean that the Netherlands is going to waste? Not according to the branch organization. ” With swimwear days, the wellness resorts tap into a large new target group of people who want to relax, but feel reluctant to do so. Ultimately, many swimwear wearers switch to a bare sauna visit. “

A Dutch naturist with a slogan "Do not expose anything to it" and a ladybird painted on their back
“Do not expose anything to it”

Most swimwear visitors come to see others not seeing them without clothes, although some women find it acceptable if this is with women. Bare Simply! – interest group for nude recreationists – notices that people who spend more time recreating naked start feeling more positive about their own body. Especially seeing other naked people reinforces that positive self-image. Because ‘the perfect body’ that is often shown in the (social) media is rarely found in real life. Almost everyone has something that he feels insecure about.

A large survey among 1,300 Dutch sauna visitors shows that only 17 percent of them visit such a bathing suit day in the sauna. About half of these sometimes go naked into the sauna, the other half only go to the sauna with bathing suits. The research shows that visitors to swimwear days are mostly relatively young people and people for whom a sauna visit is relatively new; they are visitors for whom going naked to the sauna is too big a step. Almost half of the wellness resorts in the Netherlands respond to the swimsuit wish.

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Source: Blikopnieuws

Original publication 3. October 2019

Posted on NatCorn 6th October 2019

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