The driver miraculously managed to walk away from the vehicle, despite it plunging 400ft onto the rocky beach
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Driver survives dramatic 400ft cliff plunge on to nudist beach in north Devon

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The bloodied driver managed to scramble from the wreck after it landed on the rocky beach below, which is popular with naked sunbathers

A DRIVER survived a 400ft cliff plunge on to a nudist beach.

He scrambled from the wreck bloodied but not seriously injured after it landed on rocks.

The driver survived a 400 ft cliff plunge on to rocks on a nudist beach
The driver survived a 400 ft cliff plunge on to rocks on a nudist beach

The car plummeted from one of Britain’s steepest roads on to Sillery Sands, a secluded north Devon beach popular with naked sunbathers in summer.

The shaken motorist managed to clamber up to some holiday flats to raise the alarm.

Witness Patricia Cannock said: “He doesn’t remember much but his face was a mess. He must have had a guardian angel looking out for him.”

Paramedics, police and more than 20 firefighters rushed to the scene.

An RNLI lifeboat crew was also scrambled to join other rescuers in case anyone else had been in the vehicle.

Devon and Cornwall Police incident manager Tony Joslin said: “It looks like the driver has had a pretty miraculous escape. The damage to the vehicle is extensive. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Sun

Original publication 11th March 2019

UPDATE: It was not initially clear whether the man was inside the car as it plunged to the bottom of the cliff or not.

Lynton Fire Station posted a report on Facebook in which they said the driver “had escaped the vehicle before it fell the full 200m and was able to get help from a nearby building”. Source: DevonLive

Posted on NatCorn 14th March 2019

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