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Do’s and Don’ts: Making Nudist Friends

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Going to a nude beach like Haulover Beach or to a nudist resort like Cypress Cove is a ton of fun – especially if you have some nudist friends to go with!

Jump in the lake

If you don’t have any friends who enjoy nude recreation, don’t fear! Nudists are a friendly and social bunch, who love to talk about anything from their lifestyle choice to other hobbies and – quite literally, anything! The open-mindedness that comes with nudity often makes for super interesting conversation, so you can expect to discuss anything from the strange and unusual to the controversial, all without fear of hate or judgment. Quite often, nudists know what it’s like to be judged – and they avoid it!

If you’re still a little shy of approaching another naked human or are intimidated by the whole nudity factor, here’s a few tips on how to break the ice, and get yourself some nude buddies!

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Source: Haulover Beach

Original publication 26 November, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 18th December 2019

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