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Don’t touch

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Don’t touch

I was always a shy young girl in my teens and didn’t really think about boys that often. I remember my father always telling me and my four elder sisters not to talk to boys so this followed throughout my younger years. In the back of my head I could always hear those bullies telling me that I would never have boyfriends or get married. This stuck! I couldn’t even possibly think about it. When I was 13, there was a boy who swam at the same club as me and he had bright blond hair and piercing blue eyes. I think he was the first boy I had a crush on. At the end of the year we always celebrated our achievements in swimming and had a club disco.

I was looking forward to seeing him there and hoping he would’ve noticed me. When he arrived he caught my eye but never took time to look back at me. I watched him all night until he walked out the door. I got up to use the toilet and as I walked down the corridor there he was … kissing my sister. I was so horrified I ran into the toilet quietly crying. I knew from that day there was no possibility any boy would even bother to look at me yet alone date me.

When I turned 15, my best friend told me her cousin liked me and I didn’t believe her. Why should I? I was lacking so much self esteem and confidence that I remember workmen shouting out to me on many occasions, ‘smile sweetheart’. I honestly walked around with my shoulder drooped and my face watching every step I took. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Disability Talk

15th October 2017

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