This photo was taken at the Shangri La Ranch nudist resort in New River, Arizona, in 2016.

Don’t call them nudist ‘colonies’; maybe it’s time to go on ‘Nakation’?


First of all, I’ve been advised, don’t call it a nudist “colony.”

“It’s been considered impolite to refer to nudist clubs as ‘colonies’ for decades.”

So says a tweet from someone with the handle Naturist Vintage.

Honestly, I was not trying to be rude about being nude.

Mary Jane Kolassa, a public relations consultant for the American Association for Nude Recreation, also responded to my Friday, March 12, Answer Man column.

The word “colony,” she says, is “so 20th century. Today they are nudist clubs, resorts and campgrounds. And a nudist vacation is a Nakation.”

To bring me into the 21st century, Kolassa also attached a “History of Nudism in Modern America.”

It states, in part:

“‘Radical thinkers,’ including Benjamin Franklin, John Quincy Adams and Henry David Thoreau, publicly lauded the benefits in daily naked walks, or as they were called ‘air baths.'”

(Thanks, Jane. Now I’m stuck with the image of a naked Benjamin Franklin flying a kite in a thunderstorm.)

The first organized group of nudists in America was called the “American League for Physical Culture.”

It was renamed the “American Sunbathing Association.”

The most recent name change was in 1995 — to the aforementioned “American Association for Nude Recreation.”

Far be it for me to quibble, but what if you just wanted to be naked without the recreation?

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Source: Springfield News Leader

Original publication 17 March, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 31st March 2021

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