Does colour matter in nudism?

Does colour matter in nudism?

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Most adherents of nudism will probably tell you that they wholeheartedly support the Black Lives Matter movement. It is simply a matter of respect. As you know, respect is the foundation where the naturist movement is build upon. In the naturist world things like class, colour, religion and profession play no role at all. It is what we are taught from the start. So we live that way. But still: when you visit a nude beach or resort you will see that the fast majority of visitors are white.

In my long lasting ‘career’ as a nudie I have only met a few people with an African background. And I have also met just a few people from Asia or South America. Since I live in Amsterdam, where you can find about 167 different nationalities, you really would expect more people of colour. But, I didn’t. Not even at a nudist swimming event at the largest water park of the Netherlands (1500 visitors). There were only about 10-15 non-white attendees.

What goes wrong here?

Personally, I think it is very difficult to explain why a resort or beach looks like a ‘whites only’ event. But it does. Perhaps it has to do with the reasons why naturism is not accepted in general. Many times, we are seen as a bunch of nutty professors. All preaching about the wholesomeness of nudity, the absence of classes, etc. etc. And then you look further and you only see white people, mostly male, generally above 50 years old.

It is a known fact that newbies are not always welcomed in the most heartwarming way. Sometimes you have to speak to a special committee before you can join. Yes: a bunch of older guys. And the next step is a trial period. There you have to proof that you are a real asset to the club. For most people under 50 that is just too old fashioned. And for the black community it may be just too little appealing.

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Posted on NatCorn 5th December 2020

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