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DIVERSITY: one of many words with positive connotations. Multiculturalism. Inclusivity. Heterogeneity. I don’t know how far Ireland and our association are on par with other European countries, but I want to believe that the trend is clearly bullish.

On one of our excursions to the Zuiver Spa in Amsterdam I was stopped by the police leaving my town on my way to Dublin Airport at four in the morning. While they were preparing the breathalyzer, I was asked by the public security forces after I explained that I was going to the airport: “Going home?” A question I’m tired of hearing around Christmas and I always tend to answer: “But home is here!” That morning, however, I was tempted to answer, “No, just to Amsterdam for a naked spa day,” but I immediately thought it might sound like a joke and I lack experience to know if they can react like in Hollywood movies and arrest me for shameless.

I usually do not miss an opportunity to talk about the Irish Naturist Association, although it usually falls more naturally in conversation with compatriots. While the Irish rather do not react to the information, the subject seems interesting to the Spaniards although they do not necessarily intend to join.


Among all the inquiries we receive at the Irish Naturist Association on diversity, those related to gender diversity and age diversity clearly come to the top 2. Yes, we could improve the percentage of women naturists and it would be more than desirable to lower the average age of the members, although the realistic thing is to think that young people are not particularly attracted to belonging to organized groups of any kind.

Less frequent are questions that focus on naturopathic opportunities for the disabled. If we are sincere we will have to recognize that precisely the idea of ​​a nudist beach usually goes in parallel with difficult accessibility, so it is difficult to be able to make recommendations for them.

We are also sometimes asked if we have LGTB + partners. The question always catches me by surprise, really. I try to explain that the sexual orientation of each is irrelevant, it is not our business, and anyone is welcome, of course. Respect, equality, acceptance … those are the key values. The numerical reality is that yes, obviously we have a certain number of members of the LGTB + collective.

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Source: Irish Naturist Association

Original publication 27 June, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 4th August 2020

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