Discrimination of men in nudism
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Discrimination of Men in Nudism

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I came across Mike and Lin’s blog posting about Single Men In Naturism, and it sparked a bit of thought deep in my mind. I debated on leaving a comment on their website, but I was afraid it would be too long, and decided an actual blog post would give me a better avenue voice my opinion. I will post a brief comment of this post to their website.

I have been brooding over this topic for well over a week, and I have a few thoughts on the subject that I hope will be of interest. Maybe it will spark some debate and force others to think on the subject as well. Personally, I strive to be all inclusive to everyone. As a parent of a special needs child, I see exclusion almost everyday with my child, it can sometimes be heartbreaking. This pattern of human behavior can and does follow us into adulthood where we tend to ostracize what we don’t understand or what makes feel uncomfortable.

Discrimination of men in nudism
Discrimination of men in nudism

I Just Don’t Understand Nudist

Nudist are a community of people much like an artist, engineer, religious follower, hacker, or Comic-Con attendee, and we may not understand what those communities do or why, but we respect they exist. Unlike nudist, when you do a search of these topics or communities, you are able to find an insurmountable amount of information about them, what they are about, beliefs or code, and how you can join one of these communities. So what happens when you type in a nudist term into your search engine? Well, I typed the term nudism into Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckgo and here is what was returned to me.

After taking a look at the search results, one can be led into false conclusions about nudism and what it really stands for. Bing was the only search engine who had a result on the side linking to AANR, but this was overran with search results using nudism as a term linking to young nudist girls pictures and videos. Herein lies a major problem my friends. Depending on the term used to search will drastically change what your results are. This can create a lot of confusion for someone trying to learn about the nudist way of life. If I was ignorant on what nudist are and their way of life, and I came across search results sexualizing young adult females, then I would be extremely turned off about the possibilities of doing it. For a woman, you immediately begin to have fears of an abundance of inappropriate attempts to “hook-up” while trying it out. There may be a large number of women out there who actually do practice nudism at home or with a small intimate number of people, but trying to convince a woman who has never participated in social nudism will be a major, if not impossible, task to overcome. There’s just too much fear given how sexualized women are on the internet. It’s impossible to understand nudist if you can’t find the right information, or trust the information you are given.

It’s a Little Uncomfortable

As I mentioned before, I have a special needs daughter who is one of the most loving and empathetic persons you’ll ever meet. However, she is quite different than your “normal” child, but still very much the same. She can’t speak like you or I, but she’s very social and likes to just be with other kids. Sadly, some kids don’t want to include her in certain things despite her burning desire to play and be involved. She is unable to entertain herself and it takes interaction from others for her to not feel bored. Unfortunately, the plain and simple fact is that it’s too much work for some, and they’d rather run and hide so they won’t have to engage or help her play. A few others just don’t feel comfortable with her around at all, and make it out like she has some communicable disease. Thankfully, most kids and parents are welcoming and understanding, and willing to chip in so she feels some inclusion. Like the old saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child.”

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Posted on NatCorn 16th May 2020

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