Kirsty Cameron

Different body types to go on display in ‘challenging’ nude painting exhibition at Aberdeen café


When many were turning their attention towards losing weight after Christmas, one north-east artist was plotting an exhibition to challenge ideas about the so-called “perfect body”.

Kirsty Cameron
DCT Media Kirsty Cameron outside the Second Home Studio + Café / DCT Media

The celebration of body positivity, in the form of a nude art exhibition featuring people of all shapes and sizes, had to be cancelled when Covid cases spiked during the winter and tough lockdown measures were back in.

But now it is back on the cards, at a time when more and more people are battling with anxiety about how they look as they reintegrate into society.

Non-profit organistation Second Home Studio + café, on Huntly Street in Aberdeen, now has the collection on display.

Curated by a local artist who operates under the moniker of Chaos Modern Art, more than 50 nude portraits will be exhibited within the space until the first week of June.

‘All shapes and sizes are beautiful’

The artist explained that the collection looks to conquer not just body expectations but the pressure that lockdown has put on us all.

She said: “The world of photoshopped images should end.

“There should not be forced ideas of what any human form should look like, because we are a diverse creation.

“All shapes and sizes in beautiful, natural forms.”

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Source: Evening Express

Original publication 7 May, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 17th May 2021

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