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Dating and Nudism


We get asked a lot of questions, but probably the most common questions have to do with relationships, love, dating, etc. A few months ago we did a workshop on this topic at a naturist gathering. so we thought it might be useful to the nudist world to share some highlights with you.

Should I look for a nudist partner?

  • NO….nudists only make up 1-3% of the population. To focus on finding that sort of rare individual is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It would severely limit your dating pool and probably end up working against your dating success. In fact, 75-80% of nudists in the USA are already married! The good part of that statistic is that many nudists report being introduced to nudism by their partner.
  • So, focus on compatibility….true compatibility. That is what makes a relationship work. Communication and “speaking the same language” matter far more than whether he or she wears pants.
  • You want what THEY want, a rounded balanced interesting person. BALANCE matters….for you as an individual and for them. A person who is a nudist to the point of imbalance will have a very difficult time dating….not because they are a nudist, but because they are not a balanced person. So, focus on nudism simply being a part of the bigger picture of who you are, instead of the ONE THING that you wish you could find in a partner.
  • Don’t use one of those nudist dating websites. Seriously…..don’t waste your time.
  • You have a better chance of meeting somebody who is NOT a nudist that is open to trying it than you do meeting a nudist who you are compatible with. So make your goal compatibility and true connection.

What is compatibility?

  • It can be a stage in life….you might be a student, a professional, on a spiritual journey, a single mom/dad, divorced, recovering from a hip replacement, in the military, or any other number of unique situations that impact your life in a variety of different ways. Try to find somebody who can understand where you are at in life, and where you want to go.
  • Politics, religion, food, family, temperament, tolerance, recreation, how you spend your free time, etc. All of this matters. So, yeah, discuss them on your first date. Why not? That’s what we did….it is how we found out we were compatible. We even brought up nudism and accidentally found out we were both nudists.
  • Sleep, sex, laundry, music, toothpaste, etc. These sorts of things will take time to find out, but they also matter. But again, same rule, don’t lie or hide who you are just to impress a date.

Be honest, be yourself…

  • Never pretend to be anybody but yourself, don’t hide. We can’t over emphasize this enough. Trying to be who you THINK they want you to be never works out well. You have to be authentic. I mean….you’re a nudist, so don’t be afraid to be “naked” when it comes to who you are.
  • There will be people who stop talking to you because of your honesty….you’ll get ghosted. Join the club. Don’t think of it as a negative, think of how much time and money you just saved!

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Source: Our Natural Blog

Original publication 4 December, 2019

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