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Daily Joke: 2 Happy Men and a Sad Man Were Sunbathing on a Nude Beach


Traveling is something that we all wish to experience in our lifetime. There is not a person alive who does not want to see different parts of the world. However, these jokes will show you how differently some people view traveling. 

You will likely meet people from all walks of life when you are traveling and they might all have interesting jobs or interests that you know nothing about. The men in this next joke learned that the hard way.

Three men were vacationing on a nudist beach. Two of them were happy and seemed relaxed, as one usually is on vacation. However, one of the three men seemed somewhat somber for someone who was on vacation.

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The men started chatting and finding out about one another. They began talking about their day jobs and why it was nice for them to be on a nudist beach and what led them to book a vacation there.

The first man explained that he was a construction worker, and although he worked in the sun all day, he was usually in overalls which were extremely hot and uncomfortable. He said he felt relieved to be on the beach without any clothes blocking the sun.

The second man explained that he was an accountant and worked with people who all dressed the same all the time, so it was comforting for him to be on vacation where everybody was ‘dressed’ in the same way.

The third man, who didn’t look happy to be there, was quiet while the other two men explained why they were on holiday at the nudist beach.

Finally, the two men looked to the third and asked why he was at the nudist beach. The third man revealed he was a pickpocket and his doctor had sent him there.

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Source: Amo Mama

Original publication 4 july, 2021

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