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20/09/2019 12:35 pm  

Several Cotswold rambles since the last report, so I thought I’d add an update on the latest one.

Just outside Cheltenham is a small village hunkered down in a valley, with a dog walkers’ car park in the woods nearby. Parking up I walked the road down into the village, up and out past the pub, down past the fish farm, and back up into the woods the other side - get the picture? Hilly!

Once in the woods I was clear to get naked for the walk. The path carried on steadily uphill through the trees; I last walked this trail back in March when the effort of climbing countered the brisk spring air, this time the trees shielded the sun so I didn’t get too hot from the climb.

At the top the path levelled out and followed the edge of the woodland,  encore eventually dropping back downhill. Winding down through the trees I had the whole place to myself, I thought, until a dog appeared round the bend just ahead quickly followed by the two women walking him. They smiled and said hello, then one did a bit of a double take, but they were quickly behind me and nothing more said.

A National Trust shelter provided a seat for a tea break before going ... uphill again!

This brought me to a road which involved covering up for a short distance before getting back across fields, out in the sun and a delightful breeze. From here it was back into the woods, alternating with fields, and a lunch stop in a sheltered sunny field corner, before getting back to the car after a good nine-mile workout.

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