Lower Poulza Post Pig


  • Licensed naturist farm camp site.
  • Holiday without hassle in the tranquil surroundings of the north Cornwall countryside.
  • Caravans, tents and motor homes on a level and sheltered field.
  • Mains drinking water
  • Hot showers
  • Washing facilities
  • Flush toilets
  • Chemical disposal point
  • Static caravan and covered veranda for communal use
  • ‘Private’ shower room
  • Book-swap
  • Electric Hook-ups and battery charging
  • Communal ‘Bath-b-q’
  • use of fridges and freezers

For further information and to contact the site through NatCorn visit our enquiry page.


  1. Yvonne and I have just had an unforgettable week at Lower Poulza Post. 14/08/06 – 20/08/06. Bernard our host made us thoroughly welcome as did the other campers, and the site is by far the best we have stayed on, whether naturist or textile. We can whole heartedly recommend Lower Poulza Post to anyone. There is plenty of space if you want solitude and a quiet corner, (perhaps if you are new to naturism), but also the evenings around the somewhat unconventional Bath-B-Q are a great way to meet the other campers and swap experiences.

    There is no pressure if one or more of your party is not naturist so it is an ideal site for families or groups where not everyone is comfortable with nothing on. It is a lovely flat & secluded site with several different areas & plenty of space to play games, (Frisbee, Boule etc), and the surrounding countryside and fields where you can wander as nature intended if you wish are excellent.

    The facilities on site were always spotlessly clean and the showers etc lovely and hot. The small clubhouse and veranda are ideal if the weather is being unkind and there is a fridge etc for use by the campers, and fresh eggs laid daily by the resident hens and ducks available for purchase.

    Nearby Strangles beach, with textile and naturist sections is only 5 miles or so and is within easy reach of the site. We will definitely be back again.

  2. Wonderful and very friendly. I would thoroughly recommend it. Will definitely go again.

  3. We just returned from a magnificent stay at Lower Poulza Post near Wainhouse Corner. Bernard Clarke and Rikie van Biezen are real hosts! They make feel at ease in the natural surroundings of the camp site in Cornwall. We liked the familiar atmosphere amongst all visitors. Especially during the evening ‘bath-b-q’s, where we met; we learned a lot about what was interesting in this county! It was quiet, peaceful and there were chickens all around so we had a fresh egg every morning. We hope it will not be a once in a lifetime experience!

  4. We have just returned from another relaxing, peaceful, restful visit. As always Bernard and Rikie made us feel very welcome and we renewed acquaintance with some other regulars. The site is improving with age and we are crossing off the days till we can return.

  5. We have just returned home from Lower Poulza Post and would recommend it to everyone. Everything I would like to say about our stay has already been said and we shall return there at every opportunity. So a big thank you to Bernard for being such a brilliant host and wonderful human being.

  6. We have just discovered Lower Poulza Post Farm and what a wonderful place to relax. We awoke to bird song (a whole chorus!), roamed naked through fields where sheep grazed and were adopted by a family of ducks – truly naked with nature. Bernard the owner made us feel really welcome. We met some super couples and a delightful family from Birmingham; it was a joy to see happy children carefree and content as we. To top it all, the sun shone on us all. We’ll be back. June 2006.

  7. Having just returned from LPP we would like to say a big thank you to Bernard and all the other campers that were on site with us. We will be returning to see everyone again, hopefully, next year.We hope that you, Bernard, enjoy your travels later this year with Rikie and that when we visit next year you have lots of English and Dutch people on site because I find that the Dutch are very friendly and there is no problems with the language. They speak very good English…
    Many Thanks

  8. Hi Bernard

    I’m back at work now, but the memories of my week at Lower Poulza Post are still strong and especially those of last weekend when Lynette joined me.

    We found the people that we met there, especially the regulars, were so friendly and encouraging, and this, combined with the warm weather, helped us to make the transition into naturist camping together. I can tell you that we greatly enjoyed the experience and I can not imagine camping any other way now. As well as the freedom, it seems that people are more friendly when they have their clothes off. So it is good news all round.

    Thank you for keeping the site open through the difficult last two years. I hope you and Rikie have a fulfilling time in your travels later this summer and that the future falls into place for you both.

    We will be back. In the meantime, all the best,

  9. Lower Poulza Post is a wonderful little site. A real ‘away from it all’ place where we have spent many an enjoyable weekend. The hosts, Bernard and Judy are great people and the other visitors we meet when there become friends. This site has a really good atmosphere. The ‘Bath-b-Que’ is a focal point a very pleasant evening among like-minded folk. The ideal retreat and not far from home.

  10. Lower Poulza Post is indeed a great place! Very welcoming to families, with beautiful skies to view in the evenings, wonderful vegetables from Judy and Bernard’s garden , and many attractive places all around the area . The cheerful atmosphere within the site has also been one of our main reasons for coming back and staying in touch with them.

  11. We stayed at Lower Poulza Post in the middle of the heat wave in August, myself (a naturist whenever possible), my partner Carol (she’s been for a naturist weekend in Spain, and a swim, but she’s not as used to it as me), and her daughter (13 and shy.).

    The atmosphere was wonderful, there was no problem with the females staying dressed, the facilities were well above the usual standards. And the price was about the same as non naturist camps. My only complaint was also part of its beauty. The site is well out into the wilds, and anybody without their own transport would have problems. All in all, we loved it.

  12. We recently stayed at Lower Poulza Post. It was my wife’s first ever time as a naturist (at the tender age of 22, and I at 30 years). We were received with kindness, gentleness and a friendliness we have never experienced in our time of camping (as textiles).

    The site reflects true naturism. The whole ethos of the camping site is “natural”. Everything revolves around being at one with nature. It was peaceful, relaxing and great fun especially at the evening social – bath-b-que (a large barbeque in a bath)!

    We would recommend any first timers to Bernard (the site owner) for his individual approach and warm welcome.

  13. A combination of the glorious weather and living fairly locally has meant that we have been able to spend every weekend at LPP since the beginning of May. (I have low maintenance gardens!). It has been superb, and still most of the season to go. The grass is under control, and the toilet/shower block is under going a facelift. The site is looking good and ‘feeling good’. Martin and Veronikas comments above illustrate best what LPP is about. We are looking forward to spending many more days lounging around and evenings by the bath-b-que with naturist friends old and new.
    See you there.

  14. Lower Poulza Post – what a fantastic place. We were lucky enough to have a pitch for our van booked for our first two nights holiday in Cornwall. We loved it so much we returned for our last three nights! It’s set in beautiful countryside, well away from the beaten track, a tranquil setting and a magical and very relaxing atmosphere.

    Bernard, our host and owner of the farm and campsite was charming, a great character with a big sense of humour, and made us feel really welcome throughout our stay. The “Bath-B-Que” in the evening is an original in our experience and a great chance to warm the toes, mingle and chat with the other happy campers, (which we all were!) as well as indulging in the BBQ experience. The facilities were great and washing-up by a screen of honeysuckle made even that chore a pleasurable experience.

    It was fantastic to be able to wander naked through the adjacent farmland fields with not a soul to be seen, with wonderful flora and fauna and the only sound the twittering birds.

    This really is a great place to stay, quite unique and we’re looking forward to returning – with the Jack Russells of course!

  15. Our first visit to a naturist site was to Lower Poulza Post. We had only been on beaches before and were not sure what to expect or how we would feel. We should not have worried. We had a very warm welcome from Bernard and the campers already on the site. There was no pressure what so ever to take part in the naturist experience until you felt ready and happy to do so.

    By the end of the week we were sorry to have to put our clothes on and go home! What a wonderful relaxing experience – Lower Poulza Post is a great site to visit especially for your first naturist experience. We look forward to our next visit.

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