Far West Sun Club.


An active club that was first formed back in the early part of 1972.

  • BN affiliated.
  • Swims arranged each month at Penventon Hotel, Redruth in the hotel’s Aphrodite Suite, which includes a floodlit pool, sauna, jacuzzi and a Turkish Bath. There are tables and sun loungers around the pool;  and there’s a bar which sells light refreshments.
  • Occasional outings and activities arranged including camping weekends, barbecues and beach events.
  • Popular annual dinner dance event “The Far West Newquay Weekend” held at The Sandy Lodge in Newquay in November.

For further information and to contact the site through NatCorn visit our enquiry page.


  1. Helo my.name is martin, lam naturest been trying to join your club for a long time and was wouding if l can now join. Would love to here for you thank you

  2. Must have contacted the far wet sun club about their meet at Penventon five times now. No reply at all. It seems that singles are not tolerated. I think they need to change the name to ‘far west secret group’.

  3. Hi, I’ve sent several emails to the far west sun club now RE attending their meet at penventon. No reply as yet. Do they even allow singles?

    If anyone else wants a indoor winter meet then let me know

    1. I am unable to explain why the club does not respond. It has certainly had single members in years past but I am not sure of present policies.

      Try posting in the forum for response from other naturists.

      Sorry I am not able to help further. Your message was certainly sent.

  4. Like to attend swimming meeting myself mary jane barber and Bernard crabb i given my email for you if you could contact me be gratefull my tel 07838215860 thank you from Mary J Barber

    1. Dear Mary

      I have approved the comments that you left on the Far West Sun Club page of the website.

      As you left these in the comment section of this website I have forwarded the details to the Far West Club from whom you should hear direct.

      I hope this is satisfactory.

      NatCorn Administration.

  5. Hi, I’ve sent an email to the club sec requesting info on the monlthy swim at Penventon but had no reply.

  6. Hi I’m new in to nudism and looking for people who can help me out I’ve been a home nudist for 3yrs but want to venture out more. I’m a single male aged 47 and want to meet people with this interest, I live in Hayle in Cornwall please help.

    1. Hi Neil

      Far West swim in Redruth would be about the nearest regular event to you. I would suggest that you complete the enquiry form on the NatCorn website and tick the box for Far West giving them as many details as you are comfortable with and the message will go straight to the current Far West secretary who can then contact you to take things further. Good luck! I am sure you will enjoy naturism.

      All the best, naturally


    2. Neil, I’m a male aged 25yrs. Happy to meet up and hopefully encourage more to meet with us to create a nude social!

  7. Hi,
    i know this is not a dating site but I am looking for a ‘female beach buddy’ who lives in mid Cornwall, any suggestions, I am 61 so not looking for a ‘young beach babe’….lol can you offer any help.

  8. I am a single mature woman travelling through Cornwall for the whole of July. I was interested in the comments made about Far West Sun Club and the fact that it “tolerates” singles. Well, I was thinking of asking to visit, but I don’t want to be tolerated. It makes me feel like a nasty case of scabies, which one should avoid contact with, and which, with the ‘right’ treatment will go away . Thanks but no thanks.

    1. I understand what Elizabeth says and how she feels but to be fair to Xerces, who uses the word ‘tolerates’ in his comment below, his review is positive about the club and perhaps his use of the word gives an impression that he did not intend. Of course, one can not ignore the experiences of Richard which certainly give a different and less than welcoming picture. I hope that Elizabeth enjoys her time in Cornwall

  9. I cannot see why this club is headed ‘Progressive’ as in my experience it is a long way from that.

    I moved to Cornwall from Wales two years ago and almost immediately contacted the sec. for details as I have enjoyed naturist swimming for most of my 25 years as a BN member. My partner is not a naturist and so I expected to prove my genuineness. The response I got amazed me! “No you can’t join but you can visit occasionally as a BN member.” Naturally I didn’t bother as I want to swim regularly and get to know fellow naturists just like anyone else.

    Even so a year later (this year 2006) I emailed my request, including the fact that I’d been a BN member over a quarter of a century, my ex wife and children were naturists and I had belonged to a BN club plus a naturist swimming club all that time. I pointed out also that I had been instrumental in forming a new BN club in Wales. Email ignored! Twice! It’s no wonder membership is declining ‘cos ‘progressive it ain’t’.

    PS. Oh, after a chat with me, Southleigh Manor accepted me as a member, lovely.

    1. I was aware of the ‘limit’ that Far West placed on single members when I first joined about ten years ago ( I am a lapsed member) but I joined with my wife who is also a naturist so was not affected directly. I was not aware that applicants were merely told that they could not join. I think they deserve a proper explanation, it might not make it any better but the situation is seen to be being dealt with in a fair manner if the logic behind it is explained.

      I am glad that you have found a club at Southleigh

  10. I try to organise my visits to coincide with the Far West Sun Club evening at Polkyth. They are a very friendly group who tolerate singles.

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