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  • guest_1633 : Found vault beach today, can’t wait to go back
  • guest_3688 : I'll be heading to fishing cove again tomorrow for about 10am! Anyone else going?
  • guest_3688 : Lovely crowd at fishing cove today!
  • guest_3688 : Heading to fishing cove today!
  • guest_9451 : Thank you for your suggestion. I will do some more research and see how I get on. Angie
  • guest_9451 : Hi Luke
  • guest_5118 : Just replied to your message on the main page. Youthful slim late 40's male in the South West, like to go nude on the beach in summer, off to Cornwall end of june to enjoy the beachs. Like you looking to meet likeminded people. Not sure whate to recommend, maybe look for some quiet places ro go nude this summer. Nudist clubs an idea, single women generally very welcome. Be nice to chst, bye for now, Luke
  • guest_5118 : Hi Angie
  • Angie : Hello I am a single slim black lady mid 40s who is interested in naturism and would like to link up with other naturist. I don’t know any naturist and currently live in London and I have a professional job and my interest is not really teapoint conversation! I am looking to relocate and live and socialise with like minded people anywhere in the countryside or in a coastal areas and would be grateful for any advice or suggestions on where to start etc. Thank you. Angie
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