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Caravan laws in the UK

Owning a caravan gives you freedom over when and where you go on holiday, but you still need to know and follow the laws around towing and insurance.

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Credit Uncertain Caravan Laws in UK

GoCompare the British financial services comparison website has compiled a useful guide to laws relating to caravans and ownership of caravans in the UK. A useful for all caravan owners.

There are quite a few bits of legislation you need to know about when you become a caravan owner, but fortunately most of them aren’t too hard to abide by.

You need to comply with laws around:

  • Caravan ownership, insurance and maintenance
  • Towing
  • Parking and storage

Read the rest of the GoCompare guide at Caravan laws in the UK

Our thanks to Hannah Evans, Publisher Partner Manager, GoCompare, for sending us this link.

(We have no connection with GoCompare.)

Source: GoCompare

Original publication 29 April, 2021

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