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Cap D’Agde Naturism Village, Montpellier, France

Cap D’Agde Naturism Village, Montpellier, France

Cap d'Agde signage
Cap d’Agde signage ©

Cap d’Agde – The Naked City beach resort – for family naturism, naturisme and naturists in the South France.

Cap d’Agde, France, is just a few miles from Montpelier, the resort is an enclosed self-contained village, where anyone who enjoys walking around in their birthday suit can enjoy a liberating vacation or holiday and everything including going to the bank, post office, restaurants, launderette or for a walk along the mile long beach, can be done as nature intended.

The population of Cap d’Agde naturists resort is up to as many as 50,000 at any one time. This resort is a great location and destination aside from its unique theme, in that the beach itself and the great weather this region gets in the summer months, makes this an excellent are to visit.

Cap d'Agde couple
Cap d’Agde couple ©

Few places in the world are as unique as Cap d’Agde and this certainly is considered one of the best resorts of its type in the world, for sunbathing in the buff. Few places in Europe or the world take the natural body as seriously, or offer such a vast community of like minded people.

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