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Cap d’Agde: A Day in the Famous Nude Village

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Cap d’Agde probably doesn’t need an introduction. Many have visited the huge naturist resort at least once in their lives. Even if you haven’t been there yet, the name probably does ring a bell. Or you’ve already heard some stories about the place. Those stories aren’t always very positive and that was the exact reason why we kept avoiding a visit to Cap d’Agde. Until now.

More and more we started to think that, as a world-traveling naturist bloggers, we couldn’t stay away from Cap d’Agde forever. One day we would have to find out if the stories are right. The timing couldn’t have been any better. The high season had just started, we were in the region and we had something to celebrate. So on the day of our second “travelversary” we walked through the gates of the famous Cap d’Agde. It was time to see the myth and the legend with our own eyes.

Cap d’Agde naturist beach
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How does Cap d’Agde work?

We had decided to forget everything we had ever read or heard about Cap d’Agde. Prejudices are not a good thing when you visit a place like this. And we didn’t do any preliminary research. This we already regretted even before we walked into the nude part of Cap d’Agde. We found ourselves at a ticket booth where we had to present our passports. Something we didn’t bring along. Because why would we need a passport to visit a village?

That’s the first misconception about Cap d’Agde. It is indeed a village, but you are not allowed to be nude everywhere you want to. Inside Cap d’Agde there’s a section which is called the “naturist village“. That’s where nudity is allowed everywhere. Or pretty much everywhere,

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Source: Naturally Carolina

Original publication 12 September, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 23rd September 2020

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